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We are a community for those wanting to get started raising their own goats.

Are you ready to experience the excitement of raising these amazing creatures? Afraid to take the first step, because it sounds complicated or expensive?

You’re in the right place. Here you can get complete, accurate information so you can start and raise your own little goat “herd”. We help you gain the confidence to properly care for your goats, and enjoy the amazing benefits they produce for you and your family.

Do You Dream Of ? ........

  • Being productive, supporting your family and working outdoors in nature with incredibly entertaining, relatable creatures?
  • Involving your entire family in a therapeutic past-time that will teach them the value of hard work and the miracles of nature?
  • Supporting your family with a natural, sustainable source of fresh, healthy, milk, meat, cheese, dairy products, soaps and lotions?
  • Meeting new friends who share your interests by participating in local goat shows, state fairs, petting zoos and other fun, family events?

Here at, you will learn how to do all of that and more.

two goats behind a fence

It’s pretty exciting, and a little scary, when you bring home your new goats for the first time. But it is soooo worth it.

One of the most amazing experiences with goats is the first time one of your does gives birth to some new kids

Our Journey

A number of years ago, our family got started with goats for the first time with two little Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats we brought home and started raising in our backyard in the suburbs of Manassas, VA. It required an on-going investment of hard work, time and some money, but once we got started, we were hooked.

Since then, we’ve grown our herd substantially. We have a new place now with more acreage in the farmlands of Gilbert, SC. We have a regular breeding program underway. We love producing our own milk, goat cheese and goat milk soap. We’ve also participated with our goats in various goat shows, state fairs and petting zoos and we’ve picked up some awards along the way.

It’s been an exciting and awesome experience for our entire family. We’ve been anxious to share our experiences with other families who are also thinking about learning how to raise their own goats. But we felt there had to be some way to avoid the frustration we had over the years with not being able to find enough organized, reliable information online to help us in raising our goats. Was Born

As our little goat herd multiplied, we often needed to sell a goat or two. Each time we sold some kids, we made sure they were going to a good home. Usually we deliver the goats to their new home so we can see where they goats will be kept, and we can give some advice and help to the new buyers, especially if they are setting up to receive new goats for the first time.

People who are buying goats for the first time are usually asking lots of questions because they also have a hard time finding trustworthy information online about goats. We found ourselves having to answer some of the same questions over and over again for our first-time buyers, so we finally decided to create a website where we could put that information, and was born.

Now this resource is available to you, too, as you launch into learning how to raise your own goats.

These were the first two goats we brought home years ago. It’s pretty exciting, and a little scary, when you bring home your new goats for the first time. But it is soooo worth it.

Getting accurate information is important when raising goats, like knowing the proper timing and amounts for feeding a goat kid when bottle-feeding is required

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